Temp - Humidity - CO2 Controller

THC series provide integral solutions for smart control of temp, humidity and CO2. We uses the most accurate and reliable GE dual-band CO2 sensor which auto adjusts. THC matching full - color touch screen improves user’s experience. The THC controller can be easily mounted at visual height in the growing area with the remote THC switch box located in a different more convenient wiring area. The THC Swithch Box has six outputs which includes CO2, heating, cooling, humidify, dehumidify and an auxiliary output. Interlocks can be turned on and off between functions The THC Controller also provides VPD functions for the more advanced users. The THC Controller wirelessly connects to a Nanolux NCCS DTU allowing remote access control and readout functions from any remote location via the NCCS APP on a smart phone or tablet. The firm ware in the THC Controller can be updated through the NCCS to allow for future updates and upgrades to the system so as to improve user’s experience. Temp - Humidity - CO2 Controller.