Grow Lights System

The leading advantage of Nanolux products
All series can be controlled by NCCS Cloud Control system that is the first build-in in the world.
  • High efficient design saves energy by 35%, prolonging lamp’s life
  • Come with open/short circuit and over temperature protection achieve the maximum of bulb longevity
  • Small and light Half the size of traditional models and a quarter of the weight
  • Environmentally friendly design reduces the pollution from power grid
  • Power factor is 0.99 with 95% of lumen depreciation, increasing user’s economic benefit
  • Those products are easy to install and use, which are compatible with various bulbs and luminaries
  • Patented Random Start technology helps to reduce the risk of potential power peak.
  • Patented Soft Start and Soft Dim technology
  • The product is certificated by ETL,CE,UL,ROHS,TUV and other safety standard
  • Characteristics of constant power, no flicker, no noise and stable lighting output make it high efficient.

We provide a set of grow lights including DE (Double ended) Fixtures and CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) Fixtures, namely OG series, Flip series, Non Fan series, DUAL series and so on. A range of product is for low, medium and high power, namely Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) ballasts and fixtures for 315W and 630W.Ballast and Fixtures of single-ended & double-ended Pressure Sodium lamp and single-ended & double-ended Metal Halide lamp for 400W、600W、750W、945W、1000W and so on.

Europe(230V / 400V)、USA( 120V / 208V / 240V / 277V / 347V / 480V ),Japan( 90V / 100V / 110V),Australia( 230V ). The product above is dimming or no dimming type. Dimming: 50%,75%,100%,110%.

The product we manufacture is applied into modern agricultural production, equipped with the luminaries using smart control system to boost the growth, and providing the supplemented lighting near the plants. It is widely verified that using supplemental lighting does not only meet the need of off-season crops, but it can also have the influence on that below.

  • The prominent benefits they bring, with links to the growth and pump fruit, together with the improvement of sugar content, better the crop quality.
  • Grow lights will guarantee the time to market as planned, so as to keep the advantage of price.
  • Taking strawberry as an example, every plant’s height has increased 20%~25%; single plant’s leaf quantity has increased over 15%; flowering has increased over 50%; results have increased 50%; fruit maturity is in advance.
  • A capacity to resist diseases has been improved with the growth of crops.
  • Many flower quality attributes improve with our solution for grow lights, creating more economic value.